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HNCA held an seminar for MRO feasibility study

Release date:2015.09.03   Source:

Sep 2nd pm, MRO feasibility study seminar held in HNCA meeting room. Zhang Mingchao, the chairman of HNCA, Liu Jianbao, the General Manager and Vice Chairman of HNCA; Wu qi, President of Greater China of Roland Berger; Onno Pietersma, Executive Vice President Maintenance & Engineering of Cargolux; Pei Zhonghua, director of Planning Department of Henan civil aviation development and construction office, representatives of Henan Airport Group and Roland Berger project team members attended the meeting.


Oliver Glassman, Roland Berger project manager, introduced the progress and the current results. Participants exchanged ideas and pointed out the key emphases of future work, tasks and time nodes of results, etc. This seminar marked the feasibility study of MRO entered into the completely implementing phase. At present, the preparation work is carrying through orderly and the project will be efficiently promoted based on this basis.

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