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Cargolux Global Management Meeting was Held in Zhengzhou

Release date:2015.10.21   Source:





October 18, Cargolux Global Management Meeting was Held in Zhengzhou, which lasted 4 days. This is another important international meeting of Cargolux following the Board of Directors Meeting in Zhengzhou on September 23.


Mr. Dirk Reich, the CEO of Cargolux gave a speech at the opening ceremony. He said that by the establishing of the "double hub", Cargolux got a perfect air cargo network, and became a global freight carriers. The achievements are inseparable from the Henan provincial government's strong support, and the help of HNCA’s professional and dedicated management team, he believed that this cooperation model which was built up by two sides has a good development prospects. In the future, the two sides will implement several major strategic plan, which include the establishment of a JV cargo airline, MRO, cross-border E trade projects and the annual capacity of cargo breakthrough of 200,000 tons.

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