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The Biggest Colored Painting Boeing Landing in Zhengzhou to Celebrate Cargolux’s 45th Anniversary in Experimental Zone

Release date:2015.10.21   Source:


At 15:00 on October 20th, one Boeing 747-8F painted with diorama landed in Zhengzhou International Airport, which is the 13th Boeing 747-8F jumbo freighter of Cargolux, directly from Milan, Italy, to Zhengzhou, for attending the 45th anniversary celebration of Cargolux which was holding in Zhengzhou. So far, the "Milan-Zhengzhou" route reachs 2 flights per week, the capacity of Cargolux in Zhengzhou airport has risen to13 flights per week.


Coinciding with Cargolux 2015 global managers' meeting held in Zhengzhou, more than 50 participants from regional managers and important department heads from all parts of the world and Chinese officials together, in Zhengzhou airport to witness this historic moment. To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment, Cargolux tailored this new Boeing 747-8F freighter, which was delivered on September 28. Phillippe Cruyt, the famous Belgian cartoonist, depicted the internal anatomy of the compartment in humorous style from different positions, which demonstrated that Cargolux is able to provide diversity and flexibility of services and transportation products.  The aircraft body painting is composed of the 460 individual patches, which is the largest painted Boeing aircraft.


Its showing marks the capacity of Cargolux Airlines has reached 13 flights per week in Zhengzhou airport as well as the "Milan-Zhengzhou" route increases to 2 flights a week.

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