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Guo Gengmao Met Fran?ois Bausch, Zhang Mingchao Attended the Meeting

Release date:2016.01.08   Source:

On January 7th, the Secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Mr. Guo Gengmao met Luxembourg Sustainable Development and Infrastructure Minister Mr. Fran?ois Bausch and his delegation. Provincial leaders Wu Tianjun, Li Wenhui, Zhao Jiancai participated the meeting, Chairman of HNCA Zhang Mingchao also attended the meeting.

Gou Gengmao said, with joint effort, Henan and Luxembourg have reaped fruitful results. Since Cargolux flew from Zhengzhou Airport in June 2014, it has achieved accumulated cargo throughput almost 80,000 tons, the development speed of which is faster in word air transportation history, wordwide air freight network, based in Zhengzhou and Luxembourg as dual-hub, is also formed. Meanwhile, relying on the air cargo transportation, we promote cooperation in business and trade, and launch LuxFresh project, more and more European products enter into henan and even Chinese market directly, the prospect is bright. At the beginning of this year, Mr. Fran?ois Bausch and his delegation visited Henan again. Two parties signed MOU in railway freight transportation, the agreement of which was reached when I was in Luxembourg last year, and I’m delighted to see this cooperation has made substantial progress. Practice shows that, we are the right one for each other, the decision to strengthen cooperation between Henan and Luxembourg is correct, which is helpful in developing economy and benefit of the people.

Fran?ois Bausch expressed thanks for Henan Provincial Party Committee and Government’s support in two parties’ cooperation. He said, Luxembourg is one of the most energetic market in Europe, and Henan is one of the most energetic market in China as well. The common point makes us become the most energetic partners. In the last two years, both sides made great progress, the good economic and social results have beyond expectation. Hope we can keep punching, not only make the current projects successful, but explore new cooperation area.

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