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Deeply involved in the "Belt and Road" construction, AviaAM (China) Company delivered 200 rail wagons in Ukraine

Release date:2019.09.30   Source:

On local time 30th, September , 200 convertible rail wagons were delivered to Ukraine’s BGS railway company by AviaAM Financial Leasing (China) Co., Ltd. in Poppasnaya, Ukraine. Afterwards, they will be leased again by BGS to different local railway operators in Ukraine to begin their cargo transport work. This is the first railway equipment leasing project of AviaAM (China), and its successful landing marks that the company has opened the door to provide equipment leasing services to the international market on the basis of consolidating and expanding the leading advantages of the aircraft leasing industry, and has achieved positive results in expanding the business market of the countries along the "Belt and Road ".

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